PIA Mission

Walking to meet with the Governor of the region of Gambella, to introduce ourselves as Board Members of PIA and discuss our organization’s mission with him.  We discussed with the Governor what resources we could bring to Gambella to strengthen the community we all have a shared interest in improving.

Partners in Africa (PIA) and its ministry are working toward a more sustainable and empowering role in the Gambella region of Ethiopia and Sudan. We are not looking for quick and easy solutions, but to build the relationship that will allow for trust and long term hard work together for the coming generations. Know our story.

Working together to build a stronger future for the people of Gambella.

Our approach is a collaborative one in which PIA provides support services, partnership development and funding for local communities in Gambella. We want to walk along side our neighbors in Gambella to empower, encourage and support them as we work together to resolve the daily challenges they are facing.

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