Support Our Efforts

Building Community through Prayer

We ask you to pray for our members as they travel to Gambella.

Contribute Financial Support

Please consider helping to defray some of the expenses for our board members to travel to Gambella in order to meet with partners there and gather information on the sites of PIA’s past ministry. Financial support enables Partners in Africa to cover daily expenses for food and travel to encourage distant leaders to attend these meetings. Available funds also allow PIA’s Board to have some gravity when requesting community leaders to attend a workshop on potential projects over the next two years.

How Your Dollars Make a Difference

Your generous financial support provides essential funds Partners in Africa directs toward priority local projects to support the community in Gambela, as well as future on-site visits to provide aid and identify progress.

Soon we will make it possible to contribute via secure online transaction. Until then, please make your check payable to Partners in Africa and send to:

Partners in Africa
Attention: Okello Obang, PIA President
P.O. BOX 2036
Stillwater, MN 55082

Partners in Africa is a registered 501(c)3 non-profit organization. You may document your tax deductible charitable contribution using ID 20-1339217.