Who We Are

Our Mission

Working together to build a stronger future for the people of Gambella.

We want to walk along side our neighbors in Gambella to empower, encourage and support them as we work together to resolve the daily challenges they are facing.

We are not looking for quick and easy solutions, but to build the relationship that will allow for trust and long term hard work together for the coming generations. We feel a great responsibility for this new vision and future that God is leading and encouraging us to work toward.


Our Story

Partners in Africa (PIA) and its ministry are working toward a more sustainable and empowering role in the Gambella region of Ethiopia and Sudan. Our approach is a collaborative one in which PIA provides support services, partnership development and funding for local communities in Gambella.

Our dream would be for healthy children who have access to education; opportunities for work as they grow; and the opportunity to know God throughout the course of their lives. We know that we cannot do all that by sending money or helping only one, or two desperate individuals at a time. It takes the involvement of communities here in the U.S. and in Gambella acting as one to lift up one another and improve the livelihood our one global family. We want to develop and empower people, communities and the churches to work together for the sake of all in the community.

Gambella communities, in turn, will call on their families in the U.S. to support PIA’s efforts. They will also provide local business services, governmental communications, project and logistical knowledge; they will be the ones to learn the skills needed to maintain and improve any new facilities put in place through our collaborative efforts.

This type of development creates a vested interest and ownership in the work completed but more importantly, a newly installed well for clean water will not be seen as an American project but rather as a valued local asset in which the community has knowledge and skills to maintain for generations to come.